Our new album, "Edges Run," is available now!

Our fourth studio album Edges Run is out now!! We're proud of these songs and will be touring the country with them for the next few months. Hoping these tunes find a place in your world - and thankful for our lives making music. Give it a listen and share with friends, we can't wait to see yall on the road.

“Best New Music” – American Songwriter
“Catchy and radiant, moody and meditative, they'll [the songs] touch you on many different levels.” - PopMatters
“It [Edges Run] pushes the boundaries for the band while maintaining everything they do really well. It’s honest and includes lines that ask you to listen closely. The instrumentation is rich, while still convincing you that it’s simple.” - Red Line Roots
“With songs like “Edges Run” and “All Behind Me now,” Mipso’s stellar use of harmony and deep layers of sound bring out a level of maturity comparable to Neil Young, Fleet Foxes and Fleetwood Mac.” - Triad City Beat

"People Change" Official Lyric Video

"People Change" was one of the first songs we tracked for the Edges Run session. It's about feeling a relationship fade, but when we recorded it we were mainly focused on the relationships we were forging with the studio team. In a lot of ways figuring out the sounds and arrangement of this tune shed light on the territory we were about to cover together. Anyway, here is a lyric video for it. We'll have so much more for you soon.